12 essential pieces for your wardrobe

We're all guilty – Purchased something we were convinced we would wear, but once we hang it in our closet, it never comes out. The key to a great collection of clothing is to begin with basics. Once you have these, aim to build around these key items with fast paced fashion trends that come in and out every season without spending a fortune. These items are versatile, can be dressed to suit occasions and are always in season. Pairing these up with one another is the biggest problem solver when you get stuck for what to strut out in. Blacks and whites are the obvious choices for shades but if you're thinking to add a bit of colour to your closet, try to purchase pieces with matching colour tones. Here is our list of 12 wardrobe essentials in our closet you'll find yourself wearing over and over again.
  1. A collared shirt
  2. Killer heels
  3. Plain-coloured tank top (preferably loose-fitted)
  4. Fitted black blazer
  5. A good quality cut white tee
  6. A statement necklace
  7. Long sleeve denim shirt
  8. Pair of denim jeans
  9. Little Black Dress (LBD)
  10. A skirt that suits your body type
  11. Pair of ankle boots in a colour that compliments the most of your wardrobe
  12. Black pants

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