Basic clothing wardrobe, how minimal styling can simplify your life

  1. It can be difficult sometimes to remember what you have in your wardrobe if it is cluttered with old clothing you no longer wear or items you have outgrown. Ever felt really good after decluttering, well that is what we are talking about.

    Investing in a few simple clothing pieces can change your outlook and simplify your lifestyle.

    Hunter and Chase have a motto “less is more” by applying this rule you can build a minimal lifestyle towards simplifying your wardrobe down to a few key quality clothing pieces. These will not only last, but provide you with better styling options. Depending on your work, getting dressed everyday can either feel like a mundane or overwhelming experience, by investing in quality key clothing pieces you will have everything you need to start living a more minimal life.

    Here is why you should buy less and invest in quality clothing basics, simple basic clothing provides versatility, less thought, which equals time. Buying affordable, well-fitting clothing items will enhance your existing wardrobe, save you money in the long run, produce less waste and make it easier for you to style yourself comfortably. Try it, take one of your staple clothing items and arrange it to see how many ways you can pair it. Take a plain white t-shirt for example and match it with the other items you own, the possibilities are endless right? More of a reason to add more of these staple clothing pieces to your day. Check out our Pinterest board for a selection of clothing items we recommend you should own here

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