Eco conscious, sustainable fashion

  1. As a society we are trying to live healthier lifestyles, encouraging fitness and nutritional awareness, however, our environment also plays an important factor in our health and well- being. Our busy lifestyles mean we are exposed to so many things throughout our day, not realising these small decisions we make impact our environment. The products we choose to buy or support effect our overall surroundings, new eco-friendly innovations are on the market and some small businesses have implemented environmentally friendly practices but as consumers are we doing enough to drive these changes.

    Hunter and Chase are a sustainable fashion brand doing their part to support the well-being of our environment. Using only natural biodegradable fabrics and caring for the environment by removing all plastic from their packaging. When shopping online, your goods will be wrapped in a branded cotton cloth bag and gift boxed to you. The inspiration behind the brand was being tired of the poor quality, cheaply made t-shirts that I decided to invent my own brand that supported sustainable fashion that lasted longer requiring you to own less. The t-shirts and tank top singlets are designed to provide affordable staple clothing items to customers. These can be worn as yoga cotton tank tops or simple cotton tops worn with jeans. The specialised cotton products provide a beautiful colour palette of t-shirts with many style options to choose from. With t-shirts designed for both men and women, you can shop the t-shirt boutique online guilt free.

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