Men and women's basics; tips for buying the best t shirts online

The internet provides so much variety and sometimes shopping for the biggest bargain doesn't necessarily get you the best product. We can be tempted to buy because of the price, however when investing in a staple clothing product, like a plain white t-shirt, a little more care goes a long way. A staple clothing piece like a t-shirt is something you can wear with practically everything, here are a list of tips to buying the best t-shirts online

  • Ensure the t-shirt fabric is natural, this will mean it is a breathable cotton t-shirt or made from other natural fabric fibers, (note: anything mixed with polyester is not natural. Other commonly known synthetic fibers include, Elastane, Polyester, Polyamide, Nylon)

  • Read the description comments, this should tell you the t-shirts perfect fit

  • Read t-shirt reviews from other customers

  • View the product images and details, a model can always make a t-shirt look better

  • Research t-shirt brands available online, what other products, materials do they use,

    what does the company specialise in

  • Check the price, a quality cotton t-shirt should reflect a quality affordable price, in other

    words know what you are paying for and what makes it a standout product

  • Lastly, whether looking for men's or women's basics online, just ensure that you check

    the returns policy, especially if it is a gift idea

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