We're all guilty – Purchased something we were convinced we would wear, but once we hang it in our closet, it never comes out. The key to a great collection of clothing is to begin with basics. Once you have these, aim to build around these key items with fast paced fashion trends that come in and out every season without spending a fortune. These items are versatile, can be dressed to suit occasions and are always in season. Pairing these up with one another is the biggest problem solver when you get stuck for what to strut out in. Blacks and whites are the obvious choices for shades but if you're thinking to add a bit of colour to your closet, try to purchase pieces with matching colour tones. Here is our list of 12 wardrobe essentials in our closet you'll find yourself wearing over and over again.
  1. A collared shirt
  2. Killer heels
  3. Plain-coloured tank top (preferably loose-fitted)
  4. Fitted black blazer
  5. A good quality cut white tee
  6. A statement necklace
  7. Long sleeve denim shirt
  8. Pair of denim jeans
  9. Little Black Dress (LBD)
  10. A skirt that suits your body type
  11. Pair of ankle boots in a colour that compliments the most of your wardrobe
  12. Black pants

For more ideas follow us on Pinterest. You'll love our Essential Closet Basics board.


  1. As a society we are trying to live healthier lifestyles, encouraging fitness and nutritional awareness, however, our environment also plays an important factor in our health and well- being. Our busy lifestyles mean we are exposed to so many things throughout our day, not realising these small decisions we make impact our environment. The products we choose to buy or support effect our overall surroundings, new eco-friendly innovations are on the market and some small businesses have implemented environmentally friendly practices but as consumers are we doing enough to drive these changes.

    Hunter and Chase are a sustainable fashion brand doing their part to support the well-being of our environment. Using only natural biodegradable fabrics and caring for the environment by removing all plastic from their packaging. When shopping online, your goods will be wrapped in a branded cotton cloth bag and gift boxed to you. The inspiration behind the brand was being tired of the poor quality, cheaply made t-shirts that I decided to invent my own brand that supported sustainable fashion that lasted longer requiring you to own less. The t-shirts and tank top singlets are designed to provide affordable staple clothing items to customers. These can be worn as yoga cotton tank tops or simple cotton tops worn with jeans. The specialised cotton products provide a beautiful colour palette of t-shirts with many style options to choose from. With t-shirts designed for both men and women, you can shop the t-shirt boutique online guilt free.

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February 03, 2019


Beagles, pugs, labs, cavaliers, huskies... The list goes on. Big or small, it's no wonder why these adorable little creatures are mans best friend. Intelligent, loyal, fun, active and just lovable, here are our picks of the most adorable puppies to love.     


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January 30, 2019


roses intelligencetwinset morocco Leica whiteshrt  

1. Roses 2. Intelligence 3. Lingerie 4. Morocco 5. Leica vintage camera 6. White shirt

Probably the most practical thing in our closet (as well as the most underestimated) is the white tee. The perfect partner to almost anything, a good quality white tee is invaluable. It says simple, casual and effortless chic. Aim for variety with your basics – V neck, crew neck, scoop neck, boyfriend baggy, long-sleeved and pocketed. This will allow wear for day and night styling. And no, you can never have enough t-shirts!


Co-ordinating your outfit may seem a little OTT, but it's definitely a trend that is here to stay and will follow through from 2016. The fashion trend, co-ordinating tops and bottoms, done well can look super chic and almost effortless. Crop tops, long skirts or short shorts, we love textured fabrics for this look, especially for winter. Here are some of our favourite fashion statement outfits for you to be inspired by...




  1. It can be difficult sometimes to remember what you have in your wardrobe if it is cluttered with old clothing you no longer wear or items you have outgrown. Ever felt really good after decluttering, well that is what we are talking about.

    Investing in a few simple clothing pieces can change your outlook and simplify your lifestyle.

    Hunter and Chase have a motto “less is more” by applying this rule you can build a minimal lifestyle towards simplifying your wardrobe down to a few key quality clothing pieces. These will not only last, but provide you with better styling options. Depending on your work, getting dressed everyday can either feel like a mundane or overwhelming experience, by investing in quality key clothing pieces you will have everything you need to start living a more minimal life.

    Here is why you should buy less and invest in quality clothing basics, simple basic clothing provides versatility, less thought, which equals time. Buying affordable, well-fitting clothing items will enhance your existing wardrobe, save you money in the long run, produce less waste and make it easier for you to style yourself comfortably. Try it, take one of your staple clothing items and arrange it to see how many ways you can pair it. Take a plain white t-shirt for example and match it with the other items you own, the possibilities are endless right? More of a reason to add more of these staple clothing pieces to your day. Check out our Pinterest board for a selection of clothing items we recommend you should own here

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January 07, 2019


nailart streetsofparis prague iphone flowers trench

1. Nail art 2. Paris fashion week 3. Prague 4. Timber phone cover 5. Flowers 6. Trench coat

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December 26, 2018


essential basics_009 sandal pizza panama rippeddenim1clothesrack  

1. Fedora hat 2. Sandal 3. Pizza 4. Panama 5. Denim jeans 6. Clothes rack

The internet provides so much variety and sometimes shopping for the biggest bargain doesn't necessarily get you the best product. We can be tempted to buy because of the price, however when investing in a staple clothing product, like a plain white t-shirt, a little more care goes a long way. A staple clothing piece like a t-shirt is something you can wear with practically everything, here are a list of tips to buying the best t-shirts online

  • Ensure the t-shirt fabric is natural, this will mean it is a breathable cotton t-shirt or made from other natural fabric fibers, (note: anything mixed with polyester is not natural. Other commonly known synthetic fibers include, Elastane, Polyester, Polyamide, Nylon)

  • Read the description comments, this should tell you the t-shirts perfect fit

  • Read t-shirt reviews from other customers

  • View the product images and details, a model can always make a t-shirt look better

  • Research t-shirt brands available online, what other products, materials do they use,

    what does the company specialise in

  • Check the price, a quality cotton t-shirt should reflect a quality affordable price, in other

    words know what you are paying for and what makes it a standout product

  • Lastly, whether looking for men's or women's basics online, just ensure that you check

    the returns policy, especially if it is a gift idea

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