To have great clothing and style, it's vital to invest in a few minimal clothing pieces that are good quality and offer easy to wear comfort and style, as part of your wardrobe essentials. It is better to buy less and choose well, spending a little more on your basics will go a long way. Here are some of our recommendations for basic clothing pieces every woman should buy.

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1.Basic cotton t-shirts

2.Tank top

3.Over-sized knit wear


5.Black shorts


7.White shirt

8.Black plain dress

9.Blue denim jeans



12.Shirt dress

13.Denim shorts


15.Black torn denim

16.Black bikini  

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December 14, 2018


streetfashion bohemian beachtowelrippeddenim5  

1. Spotted denim

2. Boho accessories

3. Turkish towels

4. Black ripped denim

When it comes to the environment, we can all individually contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle. Recycling your rubbish is just a part of life, however there is so much more that can be done as part of your everyday routine, it's simple and will help contribute to the overall environmental health and well-being of our planet.

I decided to do some research and the more I read the more I was transformed. Consider all the items you use everyday in your own household, plastic coffee capsules, toothbrushes, rubbish bags, sanitary pads (yes these are predominately made up from plastic) baby nappies, plastic cling wrap, not to mention the little bits of plastic packaging from parcels and bits and pieces. These bits of plastic normally go into landfill, and have a guess at how long it will take to breakdown? I was completely shocked! When I read that it can take between 500 to 1000 years I felt sickened.

Actually the more I read the more overwhelmed I felt. So right there, I decided that I may not be able to make a difference on a grand scale, but I was able to implement small changes in my own life that would impact the amount of rubbish I was producing.

If everyone could be more mindful of their own daily actions, we could start to make a difference on a bigger scale. Education and starting a conversation with people about being more environmentally aware is important. There are so many ideas, books and articles that can feed you with information towards zero waste.

I thought I would share a few simple things that everyone can start doing right now, if you don't already that is.

  • Bring your own coffee cup to work or dine in
  • Look for alternates to cling wrap like bee wax wraps, glass or reusable containers with lids
  • Use biodegradable coffee pods or coffee grinds
  • Use biodegradable pads or tampons or an alternate reusable method like a menstrual cup
  • Purchase clothing made from natural fabrics that decompose, natural fabrics include cotton, linen, viscose, lyocell, tencel (NOT polyester)
  • Opt for a compostable bamboo toothbrush

  • Recycle vintage items or donate used clothing to a charity (fabrics can also be recycled and turned into insulation)
  • Carry a cloth bag inside your handbag to avoid any plastic bags you may be tempted to pick up along the way
  • Have a reusable drink bottle you carry with you

Most items have a recycling place including batteries, computers and mobile phones but did you know some X-rays can be recycled as well? Before you throw it out and it ends up in landfill, take a couple of minutes to search online and see if there is a recycling plan for that item. As consumes we drive production through our demand for more to be made, so let’s start supporting our innovators and companies that are working toward a cleaner, healthier planet by being more mindful of our own purchases.

We here at Hunter and Chase believe in a minimal lifestyle, where less is more. A environmentally friendly brand, we support a no plastic system, using boxes and cotton cloth bags for all our online orders. Our clothing tags are made of paper with bamboo string, all biodegradable. Our quality t-shirts are made to last,  100% cotton, also biodegradable. The work has been done so you don't have to worry and can shop guilt free.

Check out some of these cool environmentally friendly products and Eco-friendly innovators in the market.

The Tom Co
Flora and Fauna
Seed sprout

Know any ideas or products we've missed? feel free to share them in the comments.

Dressing outside your comfort zone always requires a little more encouragement, but girls who do it well, do it with confidence and there is no doubt that people are applauding the fashionista's who have enough courage and chic to style up an outfit that is bold and edgy, mixing up prints and textures that make a statement.

Start developing your bolder look by adding coloured or printed shoes to your outfits, try a playful clutch, there are so many great shapes and prints that are bright and fun. 

Tee Styling

November 09, 2018


Probably the the most versatile piece of clothing a girl can currently wear, the possibilities are endless. Fashion hunters love a basic t-shirt and here Gigi, Kendall, Joan and many more of our stylish celebrities show us their tee styling!


Sexy eyewear is always in fashion; cat eye frames, round frames, tinted shades or just plain black frames. Investing in a good statement pair of frames that suit your face shape is essential. Take a peek at some styling tips.



March 10, 2017


Chasing Travel: Hawaii

Hawaii, famous for great shopping, warm weather, awesome surf and of course the daggy Hawaiian shirt — but let's not bring that up here. The Ala Moana shopping village on Honolulu is the 15th largest shopping mall in The States, hosting brands like Chanel, Hermes, Bally and Dior amongst affordable outlets at discounted prices. For a romantic and remote holiday on beautiful beaches, it's off to Maui and the scenic road to Hana is a must. The Big Island offers adventure in exploring volcanoes and National Parks. Our tip: Leave home with an empty suitcase!   


If travel is in your blood, then take note here are some awesome places to put on your bucket list. Inspired by crystal blue waters and stunning towns, were the locals spend their days by the beach, siesta after lunch and socialise in the town square by night.

When it comes to having the right kind of lifestyle where food, good company and beautiful scenery are on your list, we look to the magic of France, Italy and Greece.


1. Cote d'Azur

2. Corfu

3. South Italy

4. Calabria

5. Palinuro

6. Puglia

 For more travel destinations and inspiration click here to our pinterest board.


Packing made easy!

January 17, 2017


Traveling brings much excitement and anticipation, but seriously who ever really likes the packing aspect. If we could avoid the hassle and stress and arrive at our destinations with all our needs covered I am sure we would pay someone to do this for us.

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January 10, 2017