In 2013, Hunter & Chase was born. From a struggle to find clothing fit for travel under one fashion label, the vision was to provide clothing items that were practical, versatile and comfortable to wear and move with every day.

Our love for adventure often shows we can travel light, live on little and still have amazing experiences—that need not change in our lifestyle!

Hunter & Chase encourages people to own less and use less but have more, by creating versatile staple pieces people can wear with ease, every day.

At Hunter & Chase, we believe your best investment is in yourself. You deserve quality products that last longer and allow you to live life to your fullest. If that means saving money and spending it on experiences that matter, then we're for that!

We are proudly Australian-owned and support small design businesses.

Hunter & Chase has been featured in The Collective, Yen & PopSugar.

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Wishing you an unforgettable adventure, wherever your travels may take you!

Rose x